Rebranding One Of The Most Successful Rewards Programs In The Restaurant Industry

Imagine partnering with an influencer or celebrity that had more than 1,000,000 followers. Just a single post has massive reach, and proves quite valuable, especially to an engaged audience. Now imagine that post being a push notification on millions of phones, offering relevant deals that that each individual is hoping for — this happens every single day through Fazoli's Rewards.

The nation’s largest Italian QSR brand achieved positive same-store sales for 20 straight months and hit 1 million App users — Yahoo!

Over the last few years, we've been building momentum to grow Fazoli's Rewards membership, with ideas around Metaverse Mascots (ADWEEEK AgencySpy), and other tactics to grow from ~700k members to over 1 Million. So how do you take one of the restaurant industry's most successful rewards programs and double that subscriber base?

Introducing the world's easiest loyalty and rewards program ✨


From the beginning, we've been showing how easy the Fazoli's Rewards really is. After all, guests are inundated with by complex rewards programs, challenging consumers to jump through hoops in the clutter of apps to unlock a discount or participate in a new promotion.


Simplifying the user experience, Fazoli's Rewards launched an intuitive brand system that mirrors the gamified feel of the brand's Punchh experience. The design choices driving the merchandising and app updates paved the way to increase sales by 17% and online ordering exceeding 500% growth.


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