44,000,000 Food-Insecure People Live In America

What an insane number. What is even more shocking is that our food system produces so much food, that the amount we throw away could feed every food-insecure person in the U.S., 3 nutritious meals per day. But with our attention spans dwindling, how is one supposed to connect with a new generation of shoppers beyond the #ad with a banana in hand? 

The answer: One of the oldest advertising mediums to ever exist — Newspapers.

Crafting 20 pages featuring original art to share the status of food waste and the Flashfood mission to eliminate this inequality, our teams worked together to mainstream important data in a visually impactful media that translated to TikTok and Reels. Brand experiences took shape at ReFed to kick things off, and upcycled newspaper boxes turned into destinations for new brand advocates.

Flashfood is a Certified B Corp, a journey we know all too well after achieving certification in 2022. It's part of our core mission to help achieve Reduced Inequality (SDG #10), so having the opportunity to make perfectly nutritious food accessible for our other 44M neighbors with Flashfood is an honor and a privilege. And we're just getting started!


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